luni, 11 aprilie 2011

Giveaway by Alexandra

Alexandra organizeaza un giveaway cu ocazia trecerii pragului de 400 de followeri!

Premiul consta in:

- Elf All Over stick in "Golden Peach"
- Elf Clarifying pressed powder in "Spice"
- Elf liquid liner in "Silver"
- Elf nail polish in "Fluorscent Pink"
- Elf Luscious liquid lipstick in "Ruby Slipper"
-Elf Brightening eye quad in "Ivy"
- elf mini hypershine  lip gloss in "Joy"
- "Egloo" lipgloss in shimmery peach number 17
- "Cantare" Editt Cosmetics single eyeshadow in matte black, #30
- "Love Me" single eyeshadow in shimmery neon green, #03
- Ruby Rose shimmery pigment in black and gold
- Ruby Rose round fantasy eyeshadow
- Chocolate Cupcake natural lip balm
- A pair of falsies #J111
- A set of 4 triangular cosmetic sponges from "Accessory"
- Sephora orange cosmetic sponge
- A set of ponytail holders, hair pins and a "Hot" silly band
- A vanilla scented candle and Hello Kitty sticker set
- "Alpin Derm Repair" night cream sample from Styx Cosmetics
- Three pairs of unique handmade earrings
PLUS: An A4 size drawing of anything you'd like! It can be a portrait of yours or anyone you'd like, a static nature in pencil... Whatever, you choose! :)
(In PLUS, veti primi un desen din partea mea, pe foaie A4, in creion, cu orice veti dori voi. Un portret dupa o poza, o natura moarta... Absolut orice! :)

      Mai multe detalii aici.

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